The following is a guide to the rules and behaviour we expect members and visitors to follow whilst participating in a club run. These rules are intended for the safety of participants and the general public, and to ensure participants arrive to the destination as a group.

Prior to departure:

During the run:


In case of difficulties or problems:

If a vehicle breaks down or you experience any problems requiring you to pull over and stop, stay with your vehicle and contact another member by phone or 2 way if possible. No more than 2 members should stop to assist. All others should re-join the convoy.


A car Rally is made up of three parts: (A) Trip Leader (B) Members cars (C) Tail-end Charlie

A: Trip Leader

  1. The Trip Leader must obey speed limits at all times, remembering that the rear of the group may be a long way back. Keep to the speed limit or less base on the group of cars on the trip to ensure those at the rear do not get too far back

  2. Constantly view mirrors to ensure the group is not spacing out too far

  3. If a lot of traffic lights are encountered, it may be necessary to pull over somewhere safely to reform

  4. A generous use of indicators when changing direction

  5. Inform the group prior to departure of the destination and any stops (perhaps a map)


B: Members’ cars

  1. Do not pass unless of an emergency

  2. Watch the leader for passing (use indicators)

  3. Maintain a safe distance from the car in front

  4. Do not let the car in front get out of sight

  5. Flash your lights if in trouble

  6. Non-Club car (Non Holdens) at the rear of the Group, but in front of Tail-end Charlie



C: Tail-end Charlie


  1. Keep in contact with the Trip Leader (if possible)

  2. Use 2 way radios or mobiles to contact Trip Leader if necessary

  3. Contact Trip Leader if the cars at the rear have to travel too fast to keep up

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