Welcome to Toowoomba FX-FJ Holdens Inc.

Toowoomba FX-FJ Holdens Inc. was established in 1978.

Whilst the Club was originally formed for owners of FX & FJ model Holdens only, it now seeks to celebrate and enjoy all early model Holdens.

The current membership is approximately 45. These members own in excess of 45 Holdens. Members’ cars currently range from the FX to early model Commodores and Toranas and are a mix of both stock and modified vehicles.

The primary focus of Toowoomba FX-FJ Holdens Inc. is the restoration, preservation and most importantly, the driving and enjoyment of early model Holden cars.

Members’ families are very welcome at all club events.

Restoration and Preservation

Current members have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to restoring and preserving vehicles and are very happy to share their knowledge. If they do not know how to fix it or know where to find it, they will know where to go to get what you need. The club has many sponsors some of whom offer members generous discounts on parts and services that they provide.

Driving and Enjoying Holden Cars

The Club endeavours to provide for its members at least one driving event every month. These include runs to organised car shows, places of interest (both car and non-car related) and observation runs. For us, it does not really matter where we drive. It is about an excuse to drive our Holdens, enjoy the company of other like-minded people and enjoy other members’ vehicles.

Through our affiliations with Holden Car Clubs of Australia (www.holden.org.au) and other Holden Clubs, we are able to give members the latest news about Holden events throughout the country.


There are currently no events.


Toowoomba FX-FJ Holdens Inc.

Toowoomba FX-FJ Holdens inc

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